Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last evening, at David Beaton and Son's Boatyard, Peter Kellogg hosted a Re-launch party for the Silent Maid. The guests were treated to wine, beer served in complimentary Silent Maid glassware and a great buffet that featured steak, a variety of salads, shrimp sliders, pulled pork, fresh fruit, several dips, and desert. The food trays were bottomless and everyone in attendance had plenty to eat and drink.

The main attraction was the presence of the Maid, in all her glory and just back from having some major changes made to her rig. The mast was lengthened by at least three feet and the boom by five feet, creating a larger sail area for a new sail that was created by Mark Beaton. The sail was actually made in Sri Lanka per Mark's specifications then shipped to the US. Yesterday was the fist day that the sail was bent onto the boom of the Maid, sea trials will eventually reveal how the sail fits and whether or not the Maid will actually benefit from the refit. Additionally, the engine was removed and is now equipped to receive a new engine in about thirty minutes, allowing for the crew to lighten ship as necessary then replace the engine when power is required.

Here are a few pictures of the Silent Maid as she looked yesterday at the Re-launch. Amazing!

The Silent Maid sits in her place of honor, fit and refit.

Port side looking aft

Showing her large and spacious cockpit

Running backstay hardware

Maid with the Torch looking on in the background

It would not be special without a special Wheel

Cabin, looking forward from the cockpit companion way

Custom made copper sink and counter top

Looking aft Port side

Starboard berth

Plaque describing the Maids dimension's

Galley area

Steering mechanism, starboard view

Port view

One  of several winches aboard, yes, they all shine like this 

Companion way

High tech

Custom, leather clad Mast Hoops

Custom Saddle with a ball and socket Goose Neck

Peter Kellogg
Thank you Peter for a great party and all that you do and have done for sailing


  1. Jesus Charley, you weren't kidding about the wooden bow-tie were you?

  2. All that was missing was the straw hat!

  3. Some interesting grain patterns in those pics of steering mechanism!

    Lovely boat

  4. Doc Haagen-Daz
    It is truly a masterpiece, however, it has taken two different boat yards two years to bring her up to this level of workmanship, Beaton Boatworks and De Ruville. They have positively transformed the Maid since she left the original yard, it is wonderful watching true Craftsmen at work. Doc, the best thing about this projest, she doesn't sit at the dock, she is raced, cruised and entertains as well, she is never put away wet. Her plans for the summer include sailing to Newport then on to The Wooden Boat Show in Mystic. When she comes back South her engine will be re-installed for sailing on the Barnegat.

    My friend from Bursledon
    Truthfully, all things about this boat are magnificent, the Wheel, however, is very special. Wish that you could see her in person, my pictures do not do her justice.

  5. Thanks for the pics Charley. We had another party to attend or would have been there. See you soon.


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