Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gil Smith Catboat...1890 Design...Newly Built By Stanard Boats

In case there are viewers that don't look at the interesting links list that I provide, here is a summary of the Catboat Clemintine that was built here in the Keys by one of our Catboat buddies down here.

Clementine,  is Great South Bay Racing Catboat built by Bill Stanard, she was designed in 1890 by a chap named Gil Smith. She was recently launched last winter and rests at the Upper Keys Sailing Club. Here are a few pictures that represent the process of her build, you want more details, go to my link Clementine @ at Stanard Boat Works. I have yet to see her sail, but by all indications, she will be fast. These pictures are only cursory, to view the whole process go to my link for Stanard Boat Works.

Lines drawing

Sail plan

Decked over

Stern overhang

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