Sunday, September 26, 2010

Preparing, Packing and Pacing!

A liter of cats

Manatee Bay
Getting everything ready for my trip back to the Keys. Lee Marie is out of the water, on the trailer, waxed, and I made a new bow sprit for her as well. Next item on the list is to pack her with all sorts of paraphernalia I think I need for six and a half months. House chores almost finished up here, now comes the hard part, wait until October fifteenth. Until then, here are two pictures from Fl. Bay, that are dancing in my head ! I look forward to sailing and fishing in the warm blue waters of latitude 25 once again.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Carvings by J. Scott Reid

Sanderling Tiller
Tartan Tiller
Eagle head
Some of Jeff's works, in progress!
The eagle in the background is one of his latest, waiting to be finished and mounted
I thought that I would show some of the carvings that J. Scott Reid has done for me. "Jeff", as he is known at Beaton Boat Works, is a self taught carver who specializes in bird and fish carvings. After watching Jeff gain experience, I decided to commission him to do two carvings for me. One carving would be for a tiller that I was making for my Tartan 27 and the other would be for a tiller I was making for my Sanderling. Pictured here are the two tillers; click on any picture to see a closeup of Jeff's work. If anyone is interested in having a custom carving by Jeff,  you can meet him at Beaton Boat Works almost any day, you will not be disappointed with his work.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Duke of Earl!

Current computer model
It looks and sounds like "EARL" is going to just pass us by, however, I am going to double up my dock lines and stay vigilant. How about you? Check out the link Hurricanes and Storm Tracking, for the latest on this storm and the two behind it.