Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clementine Comes To Life

Hey Cat Boat fans or anyone interested in aesthetic sailing craft, it's Clementine, built by the Stanard Boat Works.
She is on the water and looking good! Check out this website for more pictures of Clementine and other boats built by Stanard.


Nifty Little Craft For Sale... Custom Built!

My friend Rick, from Spring Lake has always been handy with tools and a couple of years ago set about to build himself a small day sailer. After several months, this is the fruit of his labor, a nice easily handled day sailer in immaculate condition. He only sailed it for 30 hours and now he wants to try something different.

The design is a 13 foot Chesapeake Light Craft Jimmy Skiff. Click on the picture to see close up the workmanship. He is asking 4,500, you can contact me if interested.

Chesapeake JIMMY SKIFF

My First Herreshoff!

Herreshoff Hull Plaque
This is "CYGNET" a Seafarer Class Sloop designed by A Sidney DeW. Herreshof and built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. in 1938. Sidney was the son of Nathanael Greene and the brother of L. Francis Herreshoff. Cygnet was one of two built and was my first acquisition of a Herreshoff designed and built boat, her hull # was 1474. In those days each boat that came out of Bristol bore a hull # plate that was affixed the the vessel, sort of like a Vin #.

Cygnet leaving  Long Beach  Island Lagoon
She was sailed out of the Beaton Yard for many years before I sold her to a chap that allowed her to fall into disrepair, she was finally destroyed. This Plaque is all that remains of her. Incidentally 1938 was the year of the terrible storm that destroyed much of the Herreshoff Manufacturing facility.

The aftermath of the 1938 storm that devastated the Herreshoff Yard

For those of you that are Herroshoff followers, here is their Family Tree, you can see that two of Nathanael's sons were Sidney and L(ewis). Francis.

Herreshoff Family Tree

While Sidney never gained the status of his brother L. Francis, he was non the less quite creative an inventive as you can see by the car he designed and built, double planked out of Mahogany and varnished.

Mahogany car built by the Herreshoff Mfg. Co.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A heavy morning dew usually means light wind

Update On The MIT Lynx Catboat...A Sail On The Charles River

Arey's Pond Lynx Catboat
Today I received an E-mail from my buddy Roland, who was fortunate enough to solo sail the Arey's Pond Catboat, on the Charles River. A previous post gave information about MIT's sailing program and the Lynx class Catboat.

Roland reports that the boat handled extremely well and navigated the harbor in grand style, among all manner of large and small craft that took advantage of the fine weather. I have included several pictures from Roland's sail.

Charles River

MIT Dome

Tan bark Sail

Monday, June 20, 2011

This Is My Land Barge

Most guys that I know have a routine of playing golf, watching football, or boating on Sunday, unlike them, I enjoy getting on my Harley and take to the back roads of NJ or Pa for a relaxing ride. Every Sunday, weather permitting, a friend of mine and/or my girfriend and I crank up our Land Barges and head for some pre - determined destination; we don't go to the beach, down the Parkway, on the Tnpk. or any other road that supplies the weekend crowd with a means for travel and a place to gather in large groups.

I have been riding a motorcycle since 1961, starting out with a 1953 Lambretta Scooter, then a Honda, to a Kawasaki, then on to my favorites, a series of Harley's. Currently, my favorite Bike is a Harley Davidson 2004 Electra Glide Classic. With 85,000 on the odometer, it is clearly the winner when it comes to long distance riding.

As my Blog title suggests, I spend a great deal of time in the Florida Keys boating, fishing and sailing every chance I get, however, as the title also suggests there is a beyond. The Biking aspect of my life is included in that beyond. Motorcycles provide a different type of interaction with others, an element of speed and of course, a little risk.

So, my Blogger reading friends, don't be too put off because you can't always find me on some boat on some waterway enjoying the liquid experience, rather ask yourself, "I wonder what today brings for the Harley riding sailor".

You have all seen my sailboats and my Fl.Flats boat, now meet my Land Barge.

2004 Electra Glide Classic

Ready for the traditional Sunday ride

Check twice for motorcycles!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marshall Catboats

Marshall Catboats recently came out with a new Website, one of the features is a photo gallery section. The photo gallery includes pictures of their Sandpiper, Sanderling,  the 22 and their newly offered Sakonnet 23 double ender. One of the nice things, however, is the fact that LEE MARIE and IBIS are included in the photos of the Sanderling class. Thanks to the Marshall's for including us in their family album of Catboats.

See if you can find the following pictures on Marshall's photo gallery. Click on any of their pictures for more resolution.

LEE MARIE and IBIS visit Little Rabbit Key

Catboat FELIX on an overnight to Manatee Key
LEE MARIE and IBIS were among the fleet that stayed at Manatee Key

Three Catboats at Nest Key

Roland aboard IBIS, pulling into Rabbit Key for lunch

LEE MARIE following IBIS through Shell Creek
You could call it Hell creek

Roland putting in a second reef before venturing out to Blackwater Sound
Another overnight

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back To The Future!

When things were less complicated
This picture was taken about 1990, when things were different in my life. My fishing buddy, Ken Bailey was alive and healthy, I lived on my sailboat in the sumer, and I was much younger. Ah, such is life, you lose good friends, get new boats and get older.

This picture was taken on a piece of  property that was located on a trout stream,  three acres, it was a peaceful place at the time, then came the dirt bikes. Not unlike the water species, the dirt bikes were enough to drive me away from my little paridise. I guess this is what ultimately drove me to the Keys. No Jet skis or personnel water craft in the Everglades. God, I love those regulations!

As I recall, the martini was mine and all the other junk belonged to my friend Kenny and his girlfriend Patsy. Cheese and crackes was standard in those days and if my memory serves me well, a grilled rack of lamb and roasted rosemary potatoes followed.

I really miss Ken! He was the best friend a man could have. RIP Kenny, you are missed.

Size Matters!

My buddy Skip from Conn. and the Keys has a good case of Striped Bass Envy! He catches 14lb. bass, while here in NJ, we are having a historical season, many bass between 40 and 50 lb's are being caught this week. The reason, large schools of Bunker have amassed off the Jersey coast, the favorite food of the Striped Bass.

Get them while you can boys, a run like this will only last as long as the bait is here.

Cradle robber, good catch none the less and fun too
My buddy Skip

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"Honey, I think you 're out of the channel!" Famous last words before BABOOM!!

According to all sources the operator of this vessel was just out for an evening ride, about ten o'clock pm with almost no moon, when he came to rest on Swan Point. Swan Point is just South of the Mantoloking Bridge, West of Mantoloking and East of Beaton Boatworks. Over the years that I have been hanging around Beaton's, 50 to be exact, there have been many who have tried this same short cut, with the same results.

Floating the boat took several Tow Boats from Boat US' fleet, however, after fitting a bridle around the stern and led to the bow it was not long before this hapless boat and her crew were once again bobbing up and down on the surface which she was designed to operate. I have provided some pictures to tweak your imagination, to give you an idea what it must have felt like to run aground this hard in complete darkness.

High and dry

Off Mantoloking, On Swan Point

A real classic design, right Mr. Herreshoff?

Facing the correct way

The Fleet, I think I can, I think I can!

Taking in scope

Free at last, to do it again another day

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Anchoring Regulations Coming To The Keys?

New Ordinance on Boat Anchoring-Workshop by B
June 7, 2011

6:00pm- 8:00pm EDT Hammer Point: All

New Ordinance on Boat Anchoring-Workshop by Boat US at Murray Nelson Government Building

KEY LARGO - 102050 Overseas Hwy Get map

Dear Florida BoatU.S. Member,

If anchoring is part of your boating, heads-up!

Next week, Monroe County is hosting three stakeholder workshops around the Keys to hear public input and ideas for a new anchoring ordinance. We strongly encourage all area cruisers to participate in these meetings to ensure a reasonable approach is taken and that the Keys remain a boating-friendly area for responsible boat owner Monroe County is now one of five jurisdictions in the state’s mooring and anchoring pilot project. As part of this project, the County will be allowed to develop an ordinance that will regulate anchoring. Please attend one of the following meetings, and be prepared to summarize your own ideas regarding anchoring needs in the Keys:

Tuesday, June 7, 6 pm

Murray E. Nelson Center, 102050 Overseas Highway, Key Largo , FL 33037

Wednesday June 8, 6 pm

Marathon Government Center , 2798 Overseas Highway, Marathon , FL 33050

Thursday, June 9, 6 pm

Harvey Government Center, 1200 Truman Avenue , Key West , FL 33040

For more background information on anchoring laws in Florida see the new BoatU.S. information sheet:

For more background from Monroe County :

Monroe County Anchoring Presentation

We are not sure if there will be additional public input opportunities in the future, so please attend now to make sure your ideas are included as the County develops their plan.

Feel free to bring a friend, and share this information with others!

Thank you for being a BoatU.S. Member.

Margaret Podlich

Vice President, BoatU.S. Government Affairs

703-461-2878 x8363

Atlantic Traveler Pulled From Manasquan Inlet

On May eleventh, the Atlantic Traveler, returning from a fishing trip lost hydraulic power when entering the Manasquan Inlet; the result, after the Coast Guard tried to tow it back to sea, the ship crashed onto the jetty and eventually overturned. The three crew members on board were rescued and the Inlet was promptly closed to all commercial traffic.

Yesterday, the 64' Atlantic Traveler was hooked to a crane by divers and was hauled out of the water, by Donjon Marine and placed on a barge for removal.  During the time from the initial incident, fuel leaked into the nearby waters, debris washed up onto the beach and commerce was interrupted for a period of time.

The following photos were taken by Thomas P. Costello of the Asbury Park Press.

The sinking of the Atlantic Traveler is not the first vessel to sink in the Manasquan Inlet, over the years there has been several similar incidents, some resulting in the death of crew members. Fortunately, in this case all the crew was rescued by the coast Guard, after they abandoned ship.

Atlantic Traveller being lifted out of the water

The result of pounding against the rocks for days

Divers attaching cables

Getting ready to dive on the wreck

Cables in place

Donjon Marine barge on site for the salvage operation

Beach clean up after the salvage

Thursday, June 2, 2011

93 And Still Enjoying Life On The Water Aboard FRANCES Replica!

Captain Cliff, turns 94 on his next birthday but he still enjoys his time at Beaton Boat works and on the Barnegat Bay sailing his vintage Catboat, IRENE TASAY. Irene was Cliff's wife and after she passed away he bought his current Cat and decided that he would name the boat in her honor. Cliff, however, added something else to the name, not her last name but an acronym, TASAY, meaning "The Angels Sing About You". Cliff now lives with his Nephew Tom, who shares the same passion that Cliff has for his boat. I captured these pictures of Cliff  watching while his noble little craft was being prepared for the upcoming season.

Cliff's Catboat is a replica of the Catboat Frances, which is currently on display at Mystic Seaport. Incidentally, IRENE TASAY is not fitted with a motor, necessitating the Captain and crew to leave and pick up the mooring without assistance. Update: Cliff has recently "passed (2013) over the bar", he is now with Irene and the Angel's are singing about both of them.

Captain Cliff

Pondering his options

Irene, the angels sing about you!

Catboat Frances at Mystic Seaport before restoration

After restoration

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reflecting On The Day!

I took this picture one day when Roland and I were returning from a day sail, as you can see, the wind has dropped and in doing so gave us some time to reflect on the great sail we just completed. Click twice on the photo and you are transported there!