Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good Motorcycle Times In The Adirondacks

Great ride, great weather and company. Videos Galore!
On Friday we left for the Adirondacks, hoping that any rain that was predicted would hold off until the weekend was past. Well our hopes came true, it was a glorious weekend from start to finish. Nine hundred to a thousand miles of mountain roads through the Adirondacks; Tupper Lake, Lake Saranac, Lake Placid and Lake George were the target cities and  each one was joined by the best curvy mountainous road.
My Niece TC, friend Scottie, Fran and me were blessed with some of the best riding weather and motorcycle conditions you could ever wish for, each mile that we rode was better than the other.
The ladies got their wish, two hours of shopping in Lake placid before we sat down to a great lunch in one of the restaurants on Main Street. Between stopping for gas, stretching a bit and grabbing a snack the girls handled the miles just fine.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adirondak Bike Trip, Friday Saturday and Sunday

Motorcycle Trip to the mountains for the weekend, Adirondaks, that is.  
The riding party will include Fran and me and my Niece and another biking buddy, all are excited about heading out for another adventure, no matter how short.
We will leave Jackson on Friday morning, drive the NJ Parkway to Hwy. 17, jump on the New York Thruway (87) until we turn West on Hwy. 28. From 28 we pick up #30 North to Tupper Lake, stay overnight, head toward Saranac, Lake Placid, Lake George, drive along the various Lake Shores and head back home.
No rain in the forecast, warm down here at the Shore and cool in the mountains. Life is good.
Mountain visit.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Downtown Sturgis


August 16, 2013. Just back from my motorcycle ride to Sturgis South Dakota

After coming back from Florida in may I was afflicted by two health issues that set me back on my ability to maintain everyday activities and therefor keep up with my Blog. The first issue was a case of Coral poisoning to my hands, that took about two weeks to resolve, then came the injury to my foot that took about four to five weeks before I was able to put on a regular shoe. Regardless, I have had some amazing experiences since then and I am here to share them with you.

On August first,  as previously planned, two of my riding buddies and me set out on a motorcycle trip that would carry us to the famous Sturgis Motorcycle rally in South Dakota as well as destinations beyond. We left New Jersey on the first of August with the intent of dodging forecast rain for the next day. Well, as they say, "the best laid plans", we avoided rain in NJ for the start but soon ran into rain in Pa. Every day, no matter the State we were passing through, always participated in the Baptism of three bikers traveling through, on the way to Sturgis. Nothing ever sever enough to stop us or to deter us from our intended goal, just enough to test us. That being said, we arrived in the Black Hill on Aug. fourth, our cabin reservation, however, was not valid until the fifth; we had to stall.  Finding refuge in a Best Western in Hill City, where we waited until we could access our reserved cabin.  Pictures do not do the Black Hills justice, the Badlands, Black Hills and the surrounding states are magnificent. Here are a few of the Pictures that were taken to represent just a small portion of our experience.

Hulett main Street, Ham'n Jam

Scottie on main street Hulett

One of many Rainbows as seen from our cabin

Back yard fire pit

Drive way to cabin

Cabin in Hill City

My bike, ready to go to town

Backyard and hot tub

Week of relaxation and great rides

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Cabin and six acres of total bliss

Biker and his dogs

Expert police team on Victory's

End of the day

1880 Train hooking up for the ride home

Downtown Hill City

Bikers only, cars are are re-directed for safety

1880 train from Hill City to Keystone, across the mountains


Keystone looking North

Train view, going through the mountain pass

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Cross placed by a church group

Deer heading through the woods. Can you see it?

Open cars, good in good weather bad in rain.

Secluded home in the mountains between Hill City and Keystone

Needles Highway

Crazy Horse Monument

Face is finished, twenty years work left to finish the horses head

Three biker buddies, Scott, Joe and me

Stopping by Lake
Following the train

1880 Train chugging up the hill

Around the bend

Remote farm house in the mountains

Lee, or conductor

Original train used by this private line

Three bikes heading out to Sturgis, taking a break at the Platte Winner Bridge over the Missouri River

Joe and Scott

Joe and me

Scottie and me at the Missouri river in Platte, SD.

Missouri River recreation area

Looking South

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Yucca plants


Looking East

Scottie checking his bike

Joe's Ultra Classic

North Star, watering hole

Saloon at the crossroads

Scott and Joe having some refreshment

Panorama of the Platte Rver on the Missouri

Panorama of the Missouri recreation area at Platte Winner
Our rides, taking a rest

Joe at the motel in Denison, Ia.