Friday, July 29, 2011

MIKE GLADYSZ, Not Forgotten, Missed Deeply

It was one year ago that Mike was taken from us, a year that has evoked sadness, great memories, and a commitment to never forget him. Everyone I talk to, that knew Mike, his family, friends, former students and co-workers think about Mike often; always in a positive way. For me and my girlfriend,  Fran Baker, who by the way, was Mike's Mother In Law, every day without Mike reminds us  how important he was in our lives.

Mike, was the kind of person that we came to depend on for many small but important aspects of our lives. He was always available to help us around the house, take care of our animals, when we were away, put up Christmas ornaments, entertain guests with games when we had BBQ's and on and on. He enjoyed many of the same activities that I enjoy and that gave us a lot to talk about, especially when he visited me in the Keys. He loved the water, enjoyed all of our sails and was excited when we went fishing. There was never a dull moment when Mike was present his enthusiasm was contagious.

Although Mike was important to us, his family has felt the greatest loss. Mike was a dedicated Son to his Father and Mother, a good friend and helper to his Siblings. He would always be available to lend his Dad a hand when needed, they were truly connected as a Father and Son. Mike was also a dedicated Father to his three children, I know, I observed his commitment and love for them on a daily basis. His support of their interests, activities and goals was unwavering, he was always there for them, and they knew it. I see and feel their loss each time I am around  them, however,  their good memories of him also shine through their sadness, and they have many good memories to bolster them as they continue to grow.

Mike, Son, Father, Brother and Friend
Mike was a teacher and as such had an opportunity to influence hundreds of students, which he did in a positive manner. The outpouring of emotions from his former students as well as his students during the time that he passed, is a testament to his empathy, understanding and love that he put into his work. Additionally, Mike was loved and respected by his co-workers, who, always knew that they could count on Mike for help, a person to talk to and a true friend when needed.

Mike, we all miss you, every one whose life you touched will never forget you, you will remain in our hearts forever.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Entire Town For Sale!...Been There Many Times On My Sturgis Pilgramage!

Scenic, South Dakota is for sale, yes the entire story included. But first a little history of the town and the owner, then some personal pictures.

Twila Merrill, the owner of this tiny town has owned it for many years and during that time she became quite famous for her Rodeo skills, she was crowned a Champion many times in her storied career. She is still a tough old gal who, now is fighting the battle of her life. She has cancer that has racked her body and threatens to put her to rest.

I first met Twila more than ten years ago on one of my motorcycle trips to Sturgis, SD for the famous Sturgis Bike Rally. Since that time, every time I make the trip out there I stop by and see Twila, last August was the last time I spoke with her. At that time I knew that she was ill and, truthfully, did not expect to see her still working at one of her stores, let alone seeing her alive. But there she was, working and greeting her customers as usual.

She has been shot, raised many children that were not her own,  gave them shelter and love when no one else cared for them. One of her more famous Foster children is Goldberg, the quite popular and flamboyant Pro Wrestler. She never hesitates to tell stories about him and exudes pride when his name is mentioned.

I have included some pictures and a link to the story of Scenic and the proposed sale of the town, nothing, however, can completely convey the history that is this town. When Twila passes a true Pioneer will be lost.  For the news story copy and paste this link

Now, my pictures:

Riding into Scenic
My friend George, second rider coming into town on a Sturgis Trip, 2007
George has since passed away

Outside the General Store, one of the more than ten buildings that go with the sale.
That's me and another buddy 2006
Business Card Twilla gave me in  2005

Front of Business Card 

The Saloon, notice that the shed roof and the sign are all covered with Steer sculls.
The sign used to read NO Indians allowed, several years ago it was changed to Indians Allowed.
George and a friend from Canada (Miko) standing  outside the Bar.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More From J. Scott Reid, Carvings Galore

Gluing on the head of a Decoy made from aged Worm Wood that gives the effect of being antique or very old.

Applying the head to the body!
If you haven't contacted Jeff yet for your hand made, custom carved  Tiller, Rudder Head or a Decoy for your Mantel, you better hurry, Christmas is just around the corner. Click on the picture to appreciate the Worm Wood

Searching for Sjogin's Rudder

Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Rudder gone, Oh where, Oh Where could It Be?

Actually, this is not a joke but an incident that caused a friend to lose the rudder off his pride and joy, sailboat Sjogin and the effort to try and find it. So, I went out for a short sail today, thinking  that I would try to locate the lost Rudder. While sailing the other day, my friend Russ had his rudder unship and sink to the bottom of the Barnegat Bay. It is from his little sloop,  Sjogin and will not be an easy thing to replace. If any one finds it you can reach Russ at Sjogin.Com  You can also read Russ' blog to find out more about Sjogin and what she means to him.  A  Flyer Russ has posted on his website:

I looked in the area where he said that it disappeared, as well as along the marsh in the hope that it might have somehow drifted toward shore. No luck! I did,  however, enjoy all the Osprey's in their nests looking after their young. Virtually every man made nesting area was occupied and were a bevy of activity.

Standing guard

Mom and Pop Osprey

One of several nesting sites provided for the Osprey's
This one is on Swan Point

Waiting for a meal to arrive

Salt marsh inhabitant

Latest At The Boatyard!

While making some new hatch covers for the Tartan 27, I managed to sneak in a few photos of some of the latest at Beaton's Yard.

New cockpit hatch covers being assembled
Silent Maid, ever present and continuously being primped, was there again today receiving some new varnish and other related care for her entry into the Tri Sail next week. After all, you have to look the part!

More varnish, more varnish!
Silent Maid Gleaming

Getting ready for next weeks Tri Sail

Up yours!

That's why they call it  Bright work!

What do you suppose this is?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Ride Is Always Amusing

This week we rode through the Pine Barrens of NJ, stopping at a few places to enjoy people watching,  a cold drink and a break from the heat.

The Green Bank Tavern is always interesting, you never know what you are going to see in this place. To call it a dive is being kind, it does, however,  serve a fairly decent Bloody Mary, my choice was club soda. Scottie (pictured) chose the BM, he always does. This place is in the heart of the Pine Barrens and has nothing but local ambiance dripping from it, the trick is avoiding the droplets.

My riding buddy, Scottie and his Bloody Mary

The Bar

Note the high gloss on the Mahogany Bar

This says it all

Our final destination, after a fine lunch at the Watering Hole in May's Landing, is the Happy Apple Inn, Imlaystown . We always end up at this location, it is fairly close to home, they serve a good cocktail, food and it is always frequented by an interesting group of Senior Citizens. The porch is our favorite place to engage the patron's coming or going. Check the Happy Apple at :

The Happy Apple Apple Inn
Our favorite spot is the porch , from which we can engage  patron's in meaningless chatter

Historic Bar has not changed in recent memory

 Scottie "too hottie" ordering his favorite libation 

Bar eating area, they also have several dining rooms and a banquet room upstairs
A favorite eatery for the Senior Citizen population

Monday, July 18, 2011


I stumbled on this IPA today trying to deal with the heat, between water and food, this is what came up.

Brewed in Colorado @ Breckenridge Brewery, this IPA met my standards for today. As usual, I have included a Link to this Brewery and this fine IPA. There are other beers produced by this Brewery, but I like IPA!   Click twice on the pic to see the label in high Res.

Oh, the Seal,  just doing his balance thing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Merit 25...Baydog Special

Is this the Merit you were talking about?

I should have gone to Beaton's

This Is The Pit(s)!

One of two of the launching Pits at Beatons. This in the one usually reserved for the smaller craft like Sanderlings, Sandpipers Etc. Archaic but effective. Green before it's time, works on electricity, always has. Back in the day it was either this or a dilapidated old crane, name Hardly Able that did all the launching's. The crane was located at the West end of the creek, no not creak, but that was known to happen on occasion while lifting boats almost beyond the capacity of the crane. By the way my father dug the creek at Beaton's, The Lagoon's at Curtis Point and Shore Acres.

Before the new Travel Lift was installed it was either this lift or Hardly Able.
You had to have been around Beaton's a long time to remember Hardly Able.
Perhaps, I can dig up some pictures of Hardly Able to show you what I mean.

Electric Boats, Wave Of The Future?

These boats just don't seem to be catching on, perhaps of the speed restrictions, maybe aesthetics, who knows. If I had the extra money I'd buy one just for putting around at cocktail hour, I could see my self in the Keys or Bay Head enjoying Joe Leone's appetizers and fine wine while cruising among the more fortunate watery neighborhoods.

Yelling out, "Do you have any Grey Poupon?"

Silent Maid Getting Ready For The Wooden Boat Show This Weekend

Brass polished, bottom scrubbed and bright work gleaming, the Silent Maid is preparing for the Wooden Boat Show at the Toms River Seaport.  Shown here, at Beaton Boat Works is Bruce Beaton, John Frank and Henry Colie taking care to clean the bottom of The Maid.  Link to the Wooden Boat Show:

Cleaning the bottom and centerboard

Attention to detail

Tricky folding prop to reduce drag

She must be ready for the overnight race tonight
Henry backing the Maid into  the Pit for hauling

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So, you're Looking For The Perfect Tender For Your Boat

While carousing around Beaton's yesterday, I came across what appeared to be the perfect tender for Lee Marie, however, at second glance I thought that it was a little too much for me.

This craft, as you will see from the pictures, offers some unusually spectacular features and accommodations for the Captain and crew. Leave it to PK to have the very best.

Click on any picture to see some amazing detail!

Here is an interesting Tender

Guess who is the owner Captain

Cockpit, looking forward

Hmmmm, seems to have adequate power


Refurbished pontoons

Lee Marie Dresses For Her Northern Visit

Yesterday, after polishing the hull, doing the bright work and launching her, Lee Marie was ready for her rigging and having the sail bent on. She looked a little sad at first but after her running rigging got squared away and her sail bent, we went for a sail and upon returning to the dock she was beaming.

Looking a little sad, don't you think?

Happy as a Cat!
Not bad for 41 years old (TLC)

At her dock across from Beaton's
That's Beaton's in the background

Saturday, July 2, 2011

WEATHER Or Not The BBQ Is Tomorrow!

Uggghhh! Beautiful all week, BBQ tomorrow and some rain is predicted! A few weather stations Pooh Pooh the rain, some say possible TS' in the afternoon, what the @#%$?  Let's take a look...shall we?

I don't like this one very much, perhaps I'll keep looking until I find one that says no rain, that will be a keeper.
If you look to the weather station to the right of this post, I think we have a winner! I'll go with that one...wish me and about 28 other's good luck.