Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Planned on going sailing before the feast but the wind gods have not given us favorable conditions. Tomorrow looks better, that will have to suffice. Enjoy your families on this day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Returning sailors

Passing my dock

Home is just around the corner
Roland Barth and his wife Barbara returning from a three day cruise. Check out the water color! Photos were taken from my dock. Yes, those are toilet seats that mark the channel, go figure.

Once in a Blue Moon!

Finally, after several years of waiting, I have the perfect conditions for sailing all night. My plan was to leave port at sunset and then navigate my way around the l. Bay, with all it's small keys and mangrove islands, all night long. Well, the Blue Moon and an East wind about eight Kts. made all of this possible last night.

I left the dock just as the sun was setting and sailed very late into the night, when the moon finally made it's appearance, it was like sailing under the lights. It was an awesome experience, well worth the wait. There were no close calls just pure enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. Here are a couple short videos to give you just a little a little flavor of the sail. sorry that my camera did not pick up any of the keys I passed, especially Porjoe Key.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Perspective...Today's sail!


LEE MARIE and new bow sprit


These photos are from Rose and JC aboard GREEN EYES.

Then There Were Three... Cats!

IBIS to Port


Getting closer

GREEN EYES passing to Port

Three Cats

Sailing among Mangroves


Chair Cut

Roand running downwind

Sun is near setting
Had a great sail today, Roland aboard IBIS, me on LEE MARIE, then we met up with GREEN EYES later in the afternoon. Wind was NE about 10 Kts. and the bay was just a light chop. Here are a few pictures of the three Cats. Sailing among the various Keys and the Mangroves, Keys to be, is exciting, challenging and very interesting. We name our own shortcuts, Chair Cut is but one of them. These cuts are usually very narrow and skinny, just right for our Sanderlings. Note: As you can see by the pictures, we did not see another boat all day! NICE!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

After three days of blustery conditions, three nice days of sailing and a sunset to boot.

Great sunset to end the day!
Roland heading home
Back to port
Roland and I just completing a nice sail today and we were blessed with a great Keys sunset.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Out For An "Around The Block" Day Sail

As usual sailing in close formation

IBIS skimming along

Roland aboard his Sanderling IBIS, a Bay Head emigrant
 That's what we call a sail that circumnavigates an area of Florida Bay. They can vary in distance, time and usually depend on the weather conditions. This one was from four O'clock to six thirty. Why so late you ask, because with the temperatures hitting the upper eighties, Roland and  decided to go out a little later in the day. We started out with full sail then put in one reef halfway through the journey.