Friday, July 25, 2014



A neat chair and picture that  Fran picked up a local Habitat for Humanity Thrift Shop

An Amish cabinet and chair compliment the other side of the room.

A Pastel of Sea Girt Beach, commissioned  many years ago,  circa 1980's. Philadelphia Beach, our family beach.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Since coming back to New Jersey after a winter in the Florida Keys, sailing or fishing several days a week, I found myself  high and dry for the summer. The result, I had to find a project that would be challenging and keep me busy for a couple months. My choice was to build an extension on our existing Pergola Deck and create a quiet space for Fran, a Garden House.

The project was challenging, mostly because I have never tackled a job like this and I was faced with working solo to boot. I was able to muddle through the building part but working alone presented the greatest challenge for me. Purchasing the lumber, hauling it home, measuring the boards, cutting and then fitting everything together was exhausting and seemed that it would never end. Funny though, at the end of every day when I looked back to see what I had accomplished, it gave me a measure of satisfaction that inspired me to work another day and so on and so forth. The project is drawing near completion and only installing the floor remains.

Here are some pictures to help get the feel for the process.

The work begins

Setting the frame on piers

Ready for the deck

Decking going into place

Frame for the Garden House

Work progressing

End of the day refreshment

All decked out

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I thought that I could save the tree in the foreground, no luck.

View from below

A Cupola from our Sea Girt House, my dad and I built that many years ago. I plan to use it on this structure if possible.

Walls going up

This is the tough part, solo installation of the walls.

Fran enjoying the progress

To the right of the picture is the bench I built into the deck

Warm glow of the light invites one to enter, not yet,  interior walls have to go up.

Frans Basket seats that I incorporated  on the Pergola.

Landscape is changing

The sign over the door reads, Nanny's Nook. French Doors a steal from Craig's list, $20, including hardware.

I took one afternoon to make this coffee table 

Walls are 1x8 tongue and groove knotty pine boards.

With the completion of the walls the flooring is the next and final step.

The combination of cedar and pine gives off an amazing aroma.

A look around the outside, 

The windows are single slabs from a french door. The front French Door was purchased from Craig's list for 20 dollars.

Friday, July 4, 2014