Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Remembering My Buddy and Constant Companion For Ten Years

Corky, ten years as a faithful companion. We sailed and fished together, walked the beach and even traveled back and forth to  the Keys each year. She loved boats and boat yards, my kind of girl, forgive the Dragon Fly, she was just groomed and the Groomer always had to make a statement.

Corky, because she was a corker

Sunday, May 4, 2014


"On The Hard"

Back in New Jersey until Fall, time to dust off the lawn mower, garden tools and the Harley. For the last six months I woke up every morning to a grand view of the Florida Bay, rode my bike seven miles by eight am, then planned my day around some type of activity on the water. There is a bit of culture shock each time I return North, more cars, sirens and higher food prices, not to mention the neighbor's dog incessant barking.

I am very fortunate to have both sides of the coin in my life, it provides me with a much needed change which helps me appreciate both worlds and not take either one for granted.

This will replace the boats until next winter, my "land barge".