Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flats Boat is in,Marshall Catboat is on deck.

Yesterday I launched my Flats Boat, tomorrow the Catboat goes in, hope to be fishing or sailing this weekend.

You can see by the pictures of the Fats Boat the wind has now subsided and the Bay is getting back to normal after a visit from Sandy. Three days ago for comparison sake, you can see what the Bay looked like in 50 MPH winds. The craft out on the rough Bay is a commercial Stone Crabber, checking his pots.

Wishing everyone who lives on the East Coast and who was affected by Sandy, best wishes. Stay Safe!

Flats Boat at the ready, Bay is like a lake

Three days ago these Stone Crabbers were in some rough Bay conditions

By contrast, this is the same Bay that you saw in the pictures of the Flats Boat.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2013 Upper Keys Sailing Club Catboat Rendezvous

Flyer for the 2013 Catboat Rendezvous.

Last year the UKSC hosted it's first Catboat Rendezvous, with the event attracting Catboats from as far away as Michigan.  There were several classes, ranging from 15' Sandpipers to 30' Nonsuch Cats. This year we are expecting a larger fleet of boats to participate in a three day event which will include cruising the Florida Bay, a day of racing and a sail on Blackwater Sound. The majority of the fleet were Marshall Sanderlings, an 18' Cat,  that has gained in popularity and numbers over the past few years.

All are invited to attend an event that was very successful last year! Contact information is included on the Flyer.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Preparations for the migration to the Keys is in full swing.

Do I really look like a Catboat
Wrapping up the last details for the move to the Keys for the winter. Looking forward to see how Puffin likes the Florida Bay.
Ready for the Florida Bay