Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ut OH! Here We Go Again?

Baydog, you better clean your gutters again and lay in a good supply of pickeled onions.

Survivors Of Irene

During my sail yesterday , I could not help but notice that the Birds have returned and all seems well, at least for the birds that dwell above the high tide line.

Osprey's and Sea Gulls are well adapted to adversity and these photos show just that.
Incidentally, the proximity that I was able to achieve to these birds, is a direct effect of a center board craft, such as the Marshall Sanderling with her 18" draft. The water here is 2' deep!

Storm Shelter for the lowly Sea Gull
What, me worry?
Gimme your best shot!

Post Irene, Good For Some, Terrible For Others.

As Hurricanes go, Irene was not too bad, for some that is, for others it was a complete nightmare.

For example, at the Boat Yard where I have a boat and many friends that have boats, we were all apprehensive about the potential for damage beyond immediate and inexpensive repair. Our worries, after a night of South Easterlies, before the wind veered to the N then to the West, were for our little craft tied helplessly to wooden piles driven into thick mud. We had no idea whether our stout dock lines would measure up to such a storm. We expected NE winds as the Storm came up the Coast, it faked us out, we were pelted with rain and very stiff winds from the SE. SE, isn't that what causes flooding here at our Marina? You Betchum! That is exactly what happened, electricity went out early so people that were prepared with pumps were rendered impotent, they flooded and had to resort to generaters or any means of getting the water to abate.

My one friend in Lawrenceville, Baydog, thought that clean gutters would solve the problem, as you can see by his Blog he had far more to worry about. I assume that after fixing the problem  and a few Gibson's later he is in a good place.
You Go Baydog!

I have included a brief video to show you how very lucky we were with, boats in the water, electricity out, and at sea level! Enjoy!! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm Before The Storm!

The 2011 Duck Boat Worlds is now history, a good time was had by all, the wind finally coperated and Quack Mire is in hibernation for another year.

The weather forcasters are predicting doom and gloom from Irene(hope not) and LeeMarie has been prepared to battle the elements as best as could be without taking her out of the water. She faces North and if the Storm comes by way of NE, she should be able to deal with the onslaught. Winds on Sunday are predicted to turn NW then W, each of these senarios is more positive than if the winds were to turn South.

In the meantime, waiting for the storm, Lee Marie is enjoying some very calm water!

At rest, for now!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Duck Boat Videos!.. From Duck Boats WORLDS

Duck Boat Worlds Is Over...We Did GooD

With the threat of Hurricane Irene looming over the Bay, the Duck Boat Worlds sailed on in an abbreviated form. Morning races only, however, I am very pleased to report that the entry prepared by Marie Darling and I finished the truncated event in 3rd, 5th, and 17th place respectively. Our Skipper Tyler represented himself, Marie and I and the Friends Of Belmar Harbor with distinction. Our hats are off to Tyler! Way to go Tyler, bragging rights are yours, you kicked butt.

We also, because of our efforts to prepare and maintain this boat is good sailing condition, earned a 1000.00 charitable donation for the Friends Of Belmar Bay. This donation is generously provided by The Duck Boat Foundation, sponsored by Peter Kellogg.


We have many pictures for your perusal and enjoyment. Click on any picture for a close up view.
Getting ready to launch

Night before

Final preparations

Russ and Speedwell

Aahhh, the lift is free

Let's go, launch already

The Lineup

Our entry and our Skipper Tyler, Rt

Quack Mire

Marie Darling Co-volunteer and our Skipper Tyler

Fibre Glass version

Peter Kellogg, the reason why this series is so successful and long lived and Marie Darling

Hill 13 our entry heading out

No worries!!!! 3rd, 5th, and 17th.
17, what the F@#$

Boat after boat headed to the start

A Hybrid? Russ and his Sprit Sail rig

Telephoto view

Quack Mire and Tyler from afar

There's Russ again

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DUCK BOAT Quack Mire! finished and prepared for Friday's race.

After several weeks of scraping, sanding, filling and painting, Quack Mire is finally in the water to swell any planks that might have let water seep into the bilge. She was very dry after three hours and we don't expect her to get any worse, just better.

We have enlisted a young Sailor by the name of Tyler who will sail her to victory or, at least,  to the finish line. Tomorrow night is the pre race judging and party to kick off the Duck Boat Worlds, then Friday, weather permitting is the Duck Boat Worlds, a cheerful and fun time on the water including some very competitive sailing tactics.

Marie Darling and I put in many long hours getting this boat ready to help The Friends Of Belmar Harbor. a club that offers many sailing activities for youngsters. We are hoping that Quack Mire qualifies for a charitable contribution from the Duck Boat foundation, any contribution would be turned over to Friends Of Belmar Bay.

Here are some pictures of our entry Quack Mire:

Marie, the touch up Queen

Red, White and Blue

Ugly Duckling, NOT!

That's me, I'm done.

Proud to be involved
Happy it's done

What's better than a boat that floats?...A boat that does not leak.

Quack Mire, in all her glory!

Waiting for the soak.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Irene, Potential Major Hurricane, Headed Our Way?

I have included a site that tracks Hurricanes and provides a tremendous amount of information about wind, rainfall and tracking.

My motorcycle trip to the mountains is on hold, we will see how the Duckboat Worlds will be affected and preparations have to be made to secure the boats in the yard.

Much work to be done!  Cross your fingers and do whatever you do to apease the god's for good weather.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Heart Is Touched By This Event and Follow up Story!

While visiting Japan for the first time in 1986, I found a wonderful society that was proud, intellectual, neat, generous and above all honest. I can attest to the last statement out of personal experience...I had just landed in Japan after a long flight from NJ and needless to say I was tired from the flight that had taken many hours to complete, not to mention the Sake that some US Sailors and I consumed along the way. After deplaning, I met my host who was putting me up for a few weeks before I started my back packing trip, in my haste to get some rest I inadvertently left one of my bags in the airport lobby, that one contained my money, travelers checks Etc. About thirty minutes driving from the airport I  realized that I had forgotten my bag, we turned around and went back to the airport, not expecting to find my bag. My friend said" don't worry, it will be there". Lo and behold, after what seemed like an eternity, I arrived back where I thought I had left my bag, there it was, untouched and everything intact! I was pleasantly surprised and actually witnessed many other acts of kindness and honest behaviour during my three months there.

A few years later, as a teacher in Jackson Township, several other teachers and I were invited by the Japanese Government to take part in an exchange athletic program. After agreeing, we packed our bags along with thirty six high school students and flew to Japan for what turned out to be a wonderful and rewarding trip. We were there for Christmas and to help usher in the New Year. No incidents or drama, just a great time. We were put up in the Keio Plaza Hotel during our stay and if you remember, that is where George Bush, the elder stayed during one of his visits.

If you read the accompanying story, you will see what I mean. My friends in Japan, you should be proud of your country men and women, I wish you all the best, and hope that you can get your lives back to normal after this terrible tragedy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preparing For Three Up Coming Events... Of Course There Will Be Pictures!

Coming next week is the Duck Boat Worlds, Marie darling and I are hurrying to get an entry ready,  for The Friends of Belmar harbor. We worked on this boat last year but we only had the boat for a week, this year we have done more extensive work on her and expect that she will be on the starting line for the judging and the race. This is our entry from last year, better this year.

Fore deck

Boom Crutch and steering station

The next event will be a motorcycle ride of the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway, followed by some touring of the Smokey Mtns., then home by way of the Coast and all the Ferry systems.

My ride

Just the Southren Section of BR Parkway
After that on Sept 17, a tour of Ireland is scheduled. 8 Days in Ireland, visiting Galloway, Cork and Dublin, with some excursions and a draft r two of Guinness along the way;  if you get my meaning.

Eight days in Ireland

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Train For Japan!

Those of you who feel sorry for Pandabonium, take note, this is the antique railway system that he has to deal with. I can see he and Kim relaxing to a wonderful Obento as they fly along the tracks. I would like to travel to Japan just to try this rail service, maybe not too far fetched!

Pandabonium, lighten up, take Kim for a ride. Perhaps go to Hakata for a Robotayaki grill, one of my favorites. I'll meet you there, dinner is on me.

I'd salute this thing too

I might even salute her as well

Tough life to be a tourist

Any body know where the toilet is?

Add caption

Personal comfort

I think that Freud would have something to say about this.

This might be a Geico commercial

Safely landed, a Lido 14 with a cockpit?