Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flats boat YELLOWTAIL on her Davits and ready to go


On her davits
My flats boat used for exploring the Back Country in the Fl Everglades Nat'l Park. LEE MARIE is safely docked at a friends house just a block away.

Settled in, boats in the water and active

View to the West
View to the South

Porch with views of great sunsets every night

Dock, looking NW

Great little courtyard


Looking South

Arrived on the seventeenth of Oct, commissioned both boats, and got settled in Camelot. Sailed a few times, pictures coming and went fishing several times, with good results. This is my home for the next six months, awesome sunsets every night and fresh breezes that help to enjoy cocktail hour. The above pictures show my home.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Made It! Whew!

Arrived in the Keys about 5:00 PM on Sat. The Keys are better than I remembered, went right to work getting Lee Marie and my Flats boat ready for action. A soon as I get some new pics. I will post'em for my friends back home and any interested Voyeurs.

Cat Boat lovers beware, you are going to see some amazing Pics. from Fl. Bay. Look for some of these pictures on the new and improved Marshall site.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ready Set Go!

Looking at the Pond

Loaded and ready to go

   The boat is loaded, goodbye's said and a last look from the Perch! Next stop, St Augustine, then the Keys. Fourteen hours the first day then finish up with a quick six and I'm there.  I hope that I can keep your attention and that you will enjoy this winter with me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

Thought that some of you small boat enthusiasts might enjoy this site. Click on any picture to view full size.
Click to link to the right to access Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival

LEE MARIE gets a new bow sprit

While waiting for the days to click by, I decided to add a bow sprit to LEE MARIE. It will be functional and will allow me to keep a small lunch hook at the ready. Since I am not racing her, cruising the Florida bay gives me many opportunities to anchor for lunch or on an overnight sail. Having a short bow sprit should make life a little easier when anchoring.

The way it will work is that the anchor will remain on the sprit and the anchor line will be led back to the cockpit. When I want to drop the anchor I simply pay out  rode and secure the end to a quarter cleat on the deck, at least in theory. I used to keep the anchor in the cockpit lead the line forward through a bow chock then back to the cockpit, L. Francis' method in Compleat Cruiser.