Monday, May 21, 2012


I did bring home one souvenir, cheers to the Silent Maid.


Silent Maid's re-launch slideshow

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Nice time!
I wish that I knew everyone at the party, I would have had more captions to add, it was not my intention to slight anyone, I just know that all the guest enjoyed themselves.
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Friday night, aboard Peter Kellogg's "White Whale,  a group of about fifteen people were shuttled from the Mantoloking Yacht Club to Tom's River to sail the Silent Maid and the A Cat Torch back to Mantoloking for the Maids Re-launch party, Saturday evening. Well as the old saying goes, $(-)!+ happens. When we arrived, it was obvious that the Maid was not ready to sail, that left us with the prospect of putting fifteen plus bodies on the Torch for the sail home, a bit much in spite of the Torch's large cockpit and weather rail. I was looking forward to sailing back on the new Maid because I used to sail on the original and I wanted to compare the experience, and performance. Rather than overcrowd the Torch, I opted to return on the Chase boat. The good news, I was able to get some good video of the Torch and her crew under sail.

Our ride, the White Whale 
She's not sailing without a sail
Peter Kellogg assessing the situation

Eager crew for the Maid and Torch, all destined to sail on the Torch

Keep working
The Maid finally made the voyage late that night

Preparing the Torch  for a sail

Full crew
Fasten your seatbelts and put your tables in the upright position

Leaving the marina

Under sail, heading for the bridge

Weather rail riders


"Stump Creek Slipways", located on the South side of the Tom"s River, across from Nelson's Marina, always had it's share of high class and unusual small Yachts.  Fred Weideke, the owner at the time ran a smooth, no nonsense, efficient yard, catering to select customers who not only enjoyed the private setting but also enjoyed the groups social gatherings. On any given afternoon, after 5:00PM, there was always a gathering of friends at what was called the Weeping Willow Bar, a picnic table located under a nearby weeping willow tree. There the friends recapped the day, talked politics and otherwise shared events that were important in their lives. Incidentally, adult beverages usually helped lubricate the vocal chords. I am pleased to say that after purchasing Fred's double ended, Sandscraper and renovating her, I was now a member of that club.

Sandscraper, my renovation of her earned me Fred's respect and admission to the Willow Bar group
Shoaler 32
Designed by Ray Hunt
Built in Marblehead in 1947
2' 5" Draft

Now the yard, in Fred's absence, is keeping up with the tradition of performing quality work on unique and amazing vessels,  which include Silent Maid and several A Cat's. There are other boats worthy of mention as well, their unique designs set them apart from any other boats on the Tom's River,  Nina, a Schooner with a Scow type bow is a good example. I have included several pictures to illustrate my point.

Notice the Scow type bow

Motor Yacht

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last evening, at David Beaton and Son's Boatyard, Peter Kellogg hosted a Re-launch party for the Silent Maid. The guests were treated to wine, beer served in complimentary Silent Maid glassware and a great buffet that featured steak, a variety of salads, shrimp sliders, pulled pork, fresh fruit, several dips, and desert. The food trays were bottomless and everyone in attendance had plenty to eat and drink.

The main attraction was the presence of the Maid, in all her glory and just back from having some major changes made to her rig. The mast was lengthened by at least three feet and the boom by five feet, creating a larger sail area for a new sail that was created by Mark Beaton. The sail was actually made in Sri Lanka per Mark's specifications then shipped to the US. Yesterday was the fist day that the sail was bent onto the boom of the Maid, sea trials will eventually reveal how the sail fits and whether or not the Maid will actually benefit from the refit. Additionally, the engine was removed and is now equipped to receive a new engine in about thirty minutes, allowing for the crew to lighten ship as necessary then replace the engine when power is required.

Here are a few pictures of the Silent Maid as she looked yesterday at the Re-launch. Amazing!

The Silent Maid sits in her place of honor, fit and refit.

Port side looking aft

Showing her large and spacious cockpit

Running backstay hardware

Maid with the Torch looking on in the background

It would not be special without a special Wheel

Cabin, looking forward from the cockpit companion way

Custom made copper sink and counter top

Looking aft Port side

Starboard berth

Plaque describing the Maids dimension's

Galley area

Steering mechanism, starboard view

Port view

One  of several winches aboard, yes, they all shine like this 

Companion way

High tech

Custom, leather clad Mast Hoops

Custom Saddle with a ball and socket Goose Neck

Peter Kellogg
Thank you Peter for a great party and all that you do and have done for sailing