Saturday, July 31, 2010

It"s Official, KATHLEEN 1- SILENT MAID 1 !

After leading most of the race SILENT MAID was narrowly beaten by KATHLEEN in the final leg of the Padanaram Rendezvous race today. Tim Fallon, after a slow start, that saw the MAID leading by almost a third of a mile at one point, persevered and came from behind due to a mix up at one of the last marks. It appears that the MAID'S crew was a little confused about whether they should pass one marker to Port or to Starboard and by the time they had everything figured out KATHLEEN sailed by. The two boats will now head further North to meet each other for a third time. It seems that the MAID  does quite well in light air and that KATHLEEN does better in heavier air, we shall see in race number 3 who prevails and what kind of wind and sea conditions arise.

Remembering Mike Gladysz

Friday morning, Fran and I lost a dear friend in a fatal car accident, his name is Mike Gladysz. Mike was a highly respected teacher in the Jackson school district for 16 years, a dedicated father of three children and a wonderful and caring son. Mike often visited me while in the Key's and loved to sail and fish on the Florida Bay. I, like many others, will miss his cheerful and enthusiastic manner. The photos are of mike on his very first overnight on his sailboat. We had a great sail down the Barnegat Bay, on separate boats, rafted up  at Tice's Shoal and talked about the day and adventures to come. Mike was 41 when he passed, "Rest In Peace My Friend", we will meet again.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still in Maine

We are still in Maine, but I have managed to post a few pictures from some of our sailing time. Tomorrow we go to Roland's 100 acre farm in Alna Me. for a home made DINNAH! In the mean time enjoy some our fun times sailing Down East.

Round Pond,Me.

This is Round Pond, Me, located about 24 miles East of Boothbay Harbor. This was our jumping off point for our sails on the Muscongus Bay. This was also the site of the best Lobster Pound feast I have ever had.

Boats of interest in Round Pond

The first boat pictured is a Pulsifer Hampton.   The second, is one of my all time favorites, L. Francis Herreshoff's, Rozinante. The Rozinante, 28' is a pure sailing machine, no engine and a breeze to row in light air. Click on the Pulsifer link and it will take you to their site.

Setting out of the harbor

Leaving Round Pond, Me.  Bow watch is in place.

Moored in a cove for a quiet lunch

Here we have taken some time out from sailing to enjoy a quiet lunch while moored of an Audubon sanctuary.

More sailing aboard MARES TAIL on Muscongus Bay, Me.

Another great sailing day during our stay in Maine. This marks the fourth day of sailing since Sunday, we have been blessed with great weather, complete with sun and plenty of wind.

Sailing on Muscongus Bay

While in Maine we were able to sail on Boothbay, Linekin Bay and then up to Muscongus Bay. A great day of sailing as depicted in these videos as we move along in 15-25  SSW. Would you believe that the man in the foreground had triple bypass surgery only six weeks ago.

Monday, July 26, 2010

In Maine for week of sailing!

This week takes me to Boothbay, Me, Linekin Bay and Round Pond on the Muscungus for a week of sailing. Pictures and a little commentary will follow when I get home. Additionally, I am going to try and make the Padanaram Rendezvous on Sat. to see the SILENT MAID and KATHLEEN duel it out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LEE MARIE ready to go!

Bottom painted, bright work finished, next step, add water. LEE MARIE is ready to sail the Barnegat for the next few months before she is hauled and returns to the Fl. Bay for the winter.

New centerboard pennant for LEE MARIE

Old pennant to come off and new one to be spliced

Last minute check for centerboard pin wear and time to splice on a new pennant.

Close up of rudder preventer

Rudder dampening device
A little device, that I saw in use, on many catboats in New England.  It is simple to make and works like a charm to dampen the rudder while at dock or at anchor. If there is anyone interested in making one, contact me at my E-mail address and I will send you dimensions and close ups of the device, or just click on the picture and figure it out for yourself.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Official! Silent Maid 1 - Kathleen O

Race fans, it's official, Silent Maid won a close race today against Kathleen! From the news that I received, the weather and wind were good at the start but diminished in the later portions of the race. Silent maid 1- Kathleen 0. Good going guys!

I got this info from the Commodore of the Wickford Yacht Club, I trust that it is reliable. I also found out that the Maid was hauled and had her bottom cleaned and centerboard opening faired before the race. Kathleen, on the other hand has been in the water since March. Additionally, my sources tell me that the dock in Newport is littered with half of the contents of the Maid, it's called lighten ship, whatever it takes.

Wickford, RI. Rendezvous! This weekend!

Hello sailing fans, this weekend is the first scheduled meeting between the "Silent Maid" and "Kathleen".   Wishing fair winds and good sea conditions for all. Any thoughts on a light air winner?

Here is a weather link if you are interested in the weather forecast for Wickford, RI. ri&wuSelect=WEATHER

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Silent maid...AKA: Maid

After reading Russ Manheimer's blog about the "Silent Maid" at the Wooden Boat Show, my memory was jogged. I thought back to a time, in 1983, when Stan Grayson made a visit to Mike Lee's*, to sail on and take pictures of the Silent Maid for his upcoming book, Catboats. All of the following pictures and text are from Stan Grayson's book, Catboats. I do this because of the immense interest in the scheduled races between Kathleen, New England built and Silent Maid, built here in NJ.  The first scheduled race is this weekend, July 10-11 at the Wickford, Ri. Rendezvous and could prove interesting. Question: does anyone know when the "Silent Maid" came to be known as  "Maid"? Look at my last post for the answer!

* Mike Lee owned a piece of property adjacent to Beaton Boat Works, at the foot of Beaton Road. Mike's, as it was called, was home to the Silent maid, my Sandscraper, Marie Darling's Marshall and a few other vintage sail boats including the Vim. Sandscraper was a 1947  Ray Hunt double ender, you can see her a few entries down from here.

Sally at the helm of Silent Maid

Sally, the last owner of the Silent Maid before the Maid was purchased and sent to Pliladelphia to be reproduced. We now know that the new Maid is cruising New England waters to challenge Kathleen in several match races.

Catboats, by Stan Grayson

Cover from Stan Grayson's first edition (1984) book Catboats.

Sail Plan of the Silent Maid.

The original sail plan called for 950 Sq. Ft. I understand that the new Maid exceeds 1000 Sq Ft. Additionally, the original wooden jaws of the gaff have been replaced with a custom made bronze saddle.

Crew of the Silent Maid

This is the crew that took Stan Grayson on his Silent Maid Voyage. The sail was to experience the Silent Maid, first hand and to gather information for his upcoming book, Catboats. Left to right, Sally, Marie Darling, Marie's son Billy, Billy's wife, Darlene, me (Charley Best), my girlfriend Jan Young, an old friend and Beatonite, Tom Fitzpatrick. In the front row is Stan's assistant. Photo, by Stan Grayson. It was a real pleasure to sail with Stan Grayson, a fan of Catboats and damm good company. After talking with Stan, years later, he was sorry that his time on the Silent was so limited. A good time was had by all!

Silent Maid, under sail.

Taken from a launch for Stan Grayson's book, 1983. Answer to the Maid question. She was originally called the "Silent Maid because she was not equipped with an engine, after some years, "Blakely and Frances Chandley, of Bay Head" installed her first engine and from then on she was affectionately known as the "Maid". Silent no more!