Monday, August 23, 2010

Kathleen and Silent Maid update!

   After winning a close one at the Padanaram Rendezvous, "Kathleen" again prevailed at the Ares's Pond Races, beating "Silent Maid" by three minutes. Today the two boats were to leave for a hundred mile race to Bristol, Mass from Orleans, Mass.. Only one boat left, that was the "Kathleen", the Maid opted out, perhaps because of the predicted winds. The winds finally were clocked at forty four Mph. "Kathleen" left under two reefs and went through Woods Hole with three reefs. Weather or not she ever reached Bristol is unknown, however, she sailed today. The races between "Kathleen" and the "Silent Maid" have generated a great deal of attention, mostly positive and that is what all this was about. The attention these two boats received, I believe, will help to revive the wooden boat industry and create a revival of "Old School" boats and their influence on yachting.

   In passing, I have to say that as well as the "Silent Maid" purported herself, it was not without the advantage of the most advanced instrumentation and an enlarged sail plan. On the other hand, I have to offer some kudos to Tim Fallon for having only the basic technology aboard his boat.

   If you read my previous posts, you will know that I have sailed on the "Old Maid" and on the "Kathleen". I cannot pick a favorite but I can say, if the "Maid" had kept her original sail plan and did not pollute her hull with modern day goodies, I would like her much more.  Never the less, it is what it is!, I have enjoyed the encounter and  am sure that I will enjoy seeing the "Maid" for years to come on the Barnegat Bay. Thanks Peter K. and Tim Fallon for taking us back in time!

Finally, my thanks go out to John Brady for keeping us up to date with his "Blog of The Catboat Silent Maid".

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