Thursday, December 9, 2010


Malcolm and wife Martha
I met an interesting couple a few days ago, Malcolm and Martha Kirkland from Bermuda. Malcolm is the former founding Executive Director of the Bermuda SLOOP Foundation. Being guests of Roland Barth, they were the very fortunate recipients of a sail aboard IBIS, I was sailing in my own cat boat, LEE MARIE. Malcolm and his wife were looking to find a small, shallow draft sailing vessel for the waters around Bermuda. Not surprisingly, the Sanderling and it's handling characteristics impressed the Kirkland's very much. Don't be surprised, on your next visit to Bermuda, you see a Sanderling sailing around Hamilton Bay.

The SPIRIT OF BERMUDA is the very core of the Bermuda SLOOP Foundation, serving an important role in the lives of all Bermuda school children. SPIRIT, serves as a School Ship and is the culminating experience, of a series of opportunities, afforded to the children of Bermuda. I have provided a link to the Bermuda SLOOP Foundation so you can see the good work that is being performed by this organization.

My sailing partner Roland Barth has served on the Board of this foundation,  a very worthwhile project of which the people of Bermuda are very Proud.

Spirit Of Bermuda

For more information about this award winning School Ship that, was built in Rockport Maine, go to this website:

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