Tuesday, June 11, 2013


First one issue then another
When I arrived back in NJ, I thought that it would be a normal transition as usual, that has not been the case as I have been plagued with one physical issue after another. First up, while working on the front yard of the home where I stay in Fl., I came down with a moderate case of Coral Poisoning. It seems that digging in coral pea gravel with your bare hands is not such a good idea, the coral still retains toxins whether on land or in the water. For three weeks my hands were swollen, blistered and tender form the poison that is found in the coral. After a trip to the Dermatologist, special creams and anti inflammatory pills, the rash stubbornly gave up to healthy skin again.
Just when I was beginning to feel good, getting back into my Northern stride, I was beset with my second setback. While riding my motorcycle eight days ago with my friend Scottie, I made a stupid mistake that has caused me quite a bit of pain and inconvenience. As usual, I was leading a ride back from a day in the Pine Barrens, up ahead I saw an obstruction in the road and signaled my friend Scottie as to its location. How did I signal, by sticking my foot out, as I have done a thousand times, to alert riders behind me of impending danger on the road ahead, this time however I mistakenly left my foot out there a second too long and wham, my foot struck a small branch lying in the road (50 MPH). Immediately I knew that I had a real problem with my foot, severe pain and almost instant swelling coursed through my foot. Within twenty minutes I was home taking off my shoe, seeing the swelling, elevating my leg and applying ice to the area. I did that twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off for the rest of the day and night, the results are not what I had expected, when I woke up the next morning and found that walking was not possible.
First soft cast, not very effective
I soon realized that a trip to the Emergency room was in my immediate future. I finally got to my feet, pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt and off I went to see if there was anything broken, the X-rays showed that I had previous damage to the foot as well as the new trauma. Shortly I was put into a soft cast and given instructions to see a foot and ankle Dr. in the next few days. Two days later I was getting fitted with a special boot so I was able to walk somewhat, the problem with that is I am not able to stay on the couch for very long,  my nature is to keep moving. However, with my new found ability to walk I over did it and am now paying the price for further damaging the tissue of my foot. The foot is still swollen, painful and keeping me awake at night, back to the Dr. in a couple of days for a follow up visit and perhaps more input how to care for this injury so I can get back to normal. My worst fear is that the injury could become chronic, arthritis, nerve damage, Etc.
Regardless,  of my temporary setbacks, it is my fervent hope to ride out to Sturgis SD for the annual Sturgis Bike rally in August.
New and improved Boot, gives me some mobility
I still suffer from swelling each night


  1. My favorite, a man of few words!

  2. New name: Roadscraper

    Heal soon.

    1. Roadscraper is planning to take a 5000 Mi. trip in Aug to The Black Hills Rally, AKA Sturgis. No more pointing with my feet, everyone for themselves, at this point. I hope to take a lot of video and pictures to document the Beyond. Take care PB enjoy good health and great sailing this summer.

  3. Nada, zip, zero on Mon.... hoping to ride the cycle Sunday if the foot permits. I have not had a shoe on my injured foot for three weeks, it should be interesting.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping your injury is healing. Gambatte ne!

    I hope you can post again soon from your Sturgis rally.

  5. Getting ready to post some pictures the ride. The foot is all healed, two weeks on the Harley did wonders for the foot and the Soul.