Saturday, October 30, 2010

Settled in, boats in the water and active

View to the West
View to the South

Porch with views of great sunsets every night

Dock, looking NW

Great little courtyard


Looking South

Arrived on the seventeenth of Oct, commissioned both boats, and got settled in Camelot. Sailed a few times, pictures coming and went fishing several times, with good results. This is my home for the next six months, awesome sunsets every night and fresh breezes that help to enjoy cocktail hour. The above pictures show my home.


  1. Nice accommodations Charlie! Quite a contrast from good old Barnegat Bay.

  2. Baydog,

    It is quite astonishing, you can actually see that there is life and bottom underneath you, on the "good Ole Barnegat" you never know what lurks beneath. I am indeed fortunate to have experienced both in my lifetime. This body of water, known as the "Florida Bay" is one of the best cruising areas in the country, for shallow draft boats, that is. Exploring these waters for the last six winters has been very educational, to say the least.

  3. Baydog,
    As I see from your contributions to the Blogosphere, you are blessed as well. Go VOTE!