Saturday, June 2, 2012


At one of my favorite Haunts, Beaton Boat Works, preparations are being made to prepare and launch one boat after the other.  At this time of the year the number one priority is to satisfy every boat owner, who has been waiting all winter to get back onto the water, for a glorious summer of fun.

The Lightning, of the of the A-Cat fleet, is sporting a fresh coat of paint while a smaller B-Cat is getting some final touches by a Beaton worker. The B-Cat has just had her hull painted and looks in great shape for her summer racing campaign.

A-Cat, ready for launching


Newly painted Sanderling, bottom paint being applied

In another shop, Paul Smith is nearly finished replacing the Myth's teak deck. Notice the extremely difficult deck pattern, it was specified by the owner and Paul was the man for the job, no screws in the teak strips by the way. It was quite amazing watching how Paul measured, cut and glued each strip precisely. He is doing the final sanding and fairing of the deck in this picture, next the seams will be caulked with cordage (not cotton) then filled with a rubber compound to complete the job.


  1. Is Lee Marie in the water yet?

  2. This week, I hope! Sold the Tartan 27, have to get her in the water for the new owner. Busy, busy but fun. Enjoyed your sail the other day, I would never sail on a weekend, too many nut jobs out there. Glad to see you had the option of sailing on a week day.