Saturday, August 11, 2012

Padanaram Rendezvous and Marshall Marine Celebrates Their Fiftieth

Two weeks ago Marshall Marine, the noteworthy builder of Marshall Catboats, celebrated their fiftieth Anniversary in conjunction with the annal Padanaram Catboat Regatta. In a normal Regatta year, the Village of Padanaram, holds a Catboat Regatta, side walk sale and other interesting events. This year, Marshall Marine celebrates fifty years in existence and decided to host a rather large party to commemorate the occasion.

Tent set up and ready for the celebration to start

Bad Bob Reddington

Cat boaters, one and all

The weekend started on Friday night with a gathering of Catboat enthusiast, under a large tent, provided by Marshall at their Marina and Boat Building Workshop. Barbecue grills, soft drinks, beer and appetizers were provided for all. Once the grills were fired up, the guest went straight to work cooking the food that they chose to bring. My choice was Yakitori chicken with a tropical Teriyaki glaze, fresh NJ corn cooked in its husk, potato salad and a noodle salad. Every thing turned out great and after all the grilling, imbibing and general socializing, attention turned to the next day and the Regatta.

From my days spent in Japan
The bricks keep the chicken off the grill surface and have two adjustments for height

Jersey corn this year has been amazing and cooked in its natural cover imparts  a great flavor to the corn

Fran Baker and Paul Smith enjoying their meal and each others company

Eileen Smith (blue blouse), Paul Smith and Capt'n Bob enjoying some of Bob's bull $(-)!+.

Course charts, special calenders, boat numbers and a small brass plaque was given to each Skipper. All in all I think about 36 - 40 Catboats signed up for the event, they wanted to reach 50 to coincide with the fifty years of existence. Catboat's of all sizes, new and old, wood and fibreglass showed up to compete in the rather friendly race that was to take place on Saturday.

Saturday,after a Skippers meeting, owners and crew members went to their respective little vessels to prepare for the Catboat parade through the inner harbor, the Padanaram Swing Bridge, through the mooring field of the outer harbor and finally into the open Bay where the race was to take place. The race was divided into classes that would vie for first place trophies, although each year the last boat in the fleet to finish receives a prize as well.

Outer harbor Mooring area

Parade of Catboats coming through the Padanaram Bridge

Some sailed out to the Bay
Skippers and crew ready their boats for the day's Regatta and Parade

Marshall Marine

My girlfriend Fran, me, Bob Reddington Paul Smith and his wife were invited to enjoy the parade and the days activities aboard a beautiful Legacy motorboat owned by Eric Peterson and his wife Dawn. This was the first time Fran and me met the Peterson's and I must say that we were treated like Royalty aboard their vessel Dawn Marie.  Bob, Paul, and  Eileen have known the Peterson's for many years and it was just another great boating day for them.

Paul Smith of Beaton Boat Works
I have known Paul and his Bride, Eileen, many years, I was the Best Man at their wedding

Fran and me aboard Dawn Marie

Fran in the Wheelhouse

Our Host, Eric Peterson and Fran discussing "Sensible Yacht Designs",  I'm sure

Eric, Bob's head and Fran

Eileen (seated) and Eric's wife Dawn enjoying some down time

Our vessel for the day
Eric's son placed first in the 22' class
Boat's name Loose Cannon
Eric's Father and Stepmother aboard their 22'
Distinct honor? The boat that finished last of the fleet

Saturday night brought everyone together at the Marshall facility for another great evening of fun and frivolity. There was a raw bar, that featured oysters and clams on the half shell and a delicious New England Clam Chowdah. The grills were once again fired up, the Keg of beer tapped and then came the Awards for the winning boats. Awards were also presented to the oldest Catboat, the boat that travelled the farthest to participate, and a variety of other humorous presentations. Capt. Bad Bob Reddington was presented with the Marshall Spirit award for his many contributions to the Catboat family.

Annual awards for the Marshall Catboat Regatta

Paying homage to Breck Marshall, the founder of Marshall Marine
My first 18' Sanderling was built by Breck Marshall

Geoff Marshall, son of Breck, announcing the awards

Bad Bob receiving the Spirit Award for his contributions to the Catboat Community

Geoff Marshall receiving his own award for his work and dedication to building Catboats

This says it all!

While staying in Padanaram, Fran and me stayed at a nice B&B right in the center of town, the owner Louise Sylvester, made us feel right at home and provided us with great meals and a comfortable room.

The Sylvester House B&B in Padanaram


  1. Which one of you Jersey guys brought the corn? It has been amazing, as usual....

  2. Who do you think? I have it every night! Awesome, I grill, steam, microwave this stuff; every way possible. Microwave you say? Husk it wrap it in paper towel, moisten the towel and set the MW for 1 minute High. Throw away the corn and eat the paper towel. Just kidding it works when in a hurry and tastes pretty good also.

  3. One of these days we'll meet! I sailed my 1964 Sanderling "Anna" with my son Spencer. Was awarded the longest traveled award with fellow Chesapeake Sailor Paul Cammarrato and won the Marshall Marine trophy. We had a great day and weekend!