Sunday, November 4, 2012

Third sail this is good here, not so good elsewhere

Catboat Association turned 50 this year as did Marshall Marine

Just skimming along with a NE 10-12 knot breeze

Looking at the bright side

End of a great day in the South
Just came in from my third sail this week, weather is beautiful but a mild cold front is just around the bend. Getting used to the new Catboat "PUFFIN", she sails like a dream and she is all gigged up for racing, something that is totally new to me. I like most of the innovations, some are yet to prove their value.

I want to give a shout out to my buddies at Beaton's, what a disaster, I have new news and hopefully many pictures to post in the next day or two. All I can say is, that what once was, will never be quite the same. I feel for  all the boat owners, worker's and the Beaton family.  I have also heard that my beloved Sea Girt was one of the towns that incurred a great deal of damage, my home for all my childhood and some of my adult life. To Marie Darling, this too shall pass, glad that you are well again. I think about you often and have great empathy for what you and your family are experiencing in the wake of Sandy. Take Care, God Bless.

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