Sunday, November 25, 2012


My close friend and fishing buddy passed yesterday after a year and a half battle with brain cancer. Tony had a wonderful zest for life and as a result did not miss much along the way. He proudly served his Country in the US Navy, during the Vietnam Conflict,came back home to NJ where he started his own business as a stone mason, which he owned to the day he passed. As a business man he was fair, respected and his work was of the highest quality.

I met Tony about eight years ago, while he was vacationing in the Keys the same time as me, we actually lived across the lagoon from each other. Tony and I became fast friends, our love of the water, fishing and sailing was the foundation on which our friendship was built. Tony will be missed by all who knew him and to those who did not have the chance to meet him, they missed knowing a truly one of a kind individual.

I salute you Tony Santomauro, I am better off having you in my life for eight years, you will not be forgotten!

Tony, my friend fishing buddy and sailing partner!


  1. Hold onto the joy and love this man brought to you and others through his life. Sadly, we all must suffer the loss of a friend. But we can also find meaning and happiness in reflecting on how our lives were changed by others.