Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Owls Hornining In On Us

In our little community here in Hammer Point, Tavernier Fl, we have many friends from Nature. On any given day you can witness Manatees feeding on the marine grasses, Tarpon Tailing about in search of food, Osprey's nesting on a nearby post, Iguanas in the trees and now a pair of Horned Owls have taken up residence nearby. They joined the large family of animals that live among us here on The Point, specifically on my street. Each morning you can hear them hooting to each other and at Dusk and Sunrise see them hunting for their meals.

These pictures of our newest neighbors were taken yesterday, while they were hanging out in a nearby Palm tree. Were we spying on them or were they checking us out?

With the Everglades being over run with Pythons, we are hoping that our little piece of Paradise will not be their next stop. Florida, in it's quest to control the Python population is hosting it's first ever organized Python hunt, with cash prizes for the biggest and longest Python captured and killed.

I see you!

Taking a break during the afternoon

So, what are you looking at?

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  1. Beautiful owls. Nice pics. I do hope that the invasive species can be held at bay. So sad that some people have no regard for what they do to the balance of nature with their selfish acts.