Sunday, January 6, 2013

End of the day Fly-by

I was up at 4:30 am yesterday to take Frannie to Fort Lauderdale Airport. We left the house at five as planned and arrived at the airport at 6:45, dropped Frannie off and headed back to the Keys where I was greeted by another outstanding day.

I was working on one of my davits when I saw a familiar Catboat sailing out of their harbor,  instinctively, an alarm went off  and I immediately gathered some things together and went across the street,  jumped aboard Puffin and sailed out to meet the other boat. We had a great sail, the wind was about 12 Kts. and at the end of the sail I decided to do a fly-by of my friends house. As expected, he was there with his camera in hand, this is what he caught as I sailed by.

I am fortunate to have so many sailing and fishing friends down here, it really affords me a great many opportunities to completely enjoy the Keys experience. This is what I had always hoped retirement would be and you can bet your bottom dollar that I appreciate every day that I am afforded. 

Sailing into the inner harbor

Sailing to windward in about 12 Kts. of wind

With the wind from the perfect direction, I decided to do a Fly-by (sail-by) of my friend Roland's Dock

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Approaching Roland's Dock

To the Starboard is a coral reef which necessitates me to sail close to the shoreline


  1. Better fly by at the end of the day than fly by night....

  2. Super series of pics. You have your own paparazzi it seems. :)