Monday, February 25, 2013

A Bonnet Head AKA Shovelhead Shark and other assorted fish

My friend Paul and I went out Back country yesterday and had some luck catching a variety of fish. The first was a Bonnet Shark, not being targeted but just happened to hit the lure Paul was casting, then several large Lady fish weighing in excess of two pounds. Next to be boated were a few very nice Spanish Mackerel, three Bluefish and last but not least about forty Sea Trout, of which all but one were released.

Netted, so as not to harm the Shark, Paul prepares to remove the hook

Boga grip didn't work well on the Shark

Say hell to my little friend

Bonnet Shark is also known as a Shovelhead

One of the large Lady fish in these waters

This year the Sea Trout are here in great numbers as are the Redfish and Mackerel, so much so that the Trout season was kept open all year, normally it is closed for a month.

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