Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sail Out TO Nest Key, Around Duck Key, Into Buttonwood Bay, Through Swash Key and Taking Out A Reef, Whew!

Well, I have a little bit of everything today, two reefs to start, sail out to Nest key then ut to Duck Key, into Buttonwood Bay and then through Sash Keys where we met up with our friend Roland. With Roland alongside, we went through Chair Cut, then past Pigeon Key Pass.

We started out with two reefs and by the time we met Roland, who had one reef tied in, we sailed through Swash Keys and Chair Cut. After Chair Key, we opted to shake a reef and sail home.

My sailing partner today was Al Dwars, from Wisconsin. Al and his Sandpiper were featured in my last Post, so no need to explain who this Neophyte to sailing is. We had a great sail, one tack out to Duck Key, about eight miles, then one tack back. It was an awesome day on the water and I think that Al has been bitten by the Bug, when you are bitten by the Bug, you get the Keys Disease, not all that bad.

I have many pictures and videos to share the day, so here goes!!!!!

Sailing today with Al Dwars

Everything in control Al?

Ibis under the Stern

You never know what you will see out on the Fl.Bay

Ibis and Roland again?

Al, he'll never pass me...just kidding

Roland, who's better than me

Captain Al

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  1. Been jealous since the day you got back down there....