Thursday, February 27, 2014


FEBRUARY 14, 15, 16
The Upper Keys Sailing Club hosted the third annual Catboat Regatta that  drew  participants from Maine, NJ, Massachusetts, Vermont, Wisconsin, New York and from all points of Florida. All manner of Catboats were represented, Sandpipers, a Handy Cat, Nonesuch, Sanderlings and a few home made varieties. 
The  first day was a sail around on Buttonwood Bay, under light wind conditions and a beautiful day. The second day included another sail with a twist, called the "Rum Run". Each boat, while sailing around would have to pick up a card from five designated anchored boats, after obtaining the required number cards, the sailors returned to the clubhouse and exchanged the blank cards for five playing cards. The Captain with the highest hand was awarded a half gallon of fine Barbados Rum. The third day was a day of racing on Buttonwood Bay, then closing ceremonies.
A fine dinner on the second night was the highlight of the Regatta, 79 participants in attendance for a spectacular dinner cooked and served by the Sailing Club members.
Fifty foot Sharpie showed up to join in the festivities

Sanderling, Roland Barth Captain.

Approaching the Upper Keys Sailing Club

 Marshall Sanderling

Paul Smith, NJ, one of my crew

15' Sandpiper

Ibis, with a full crew

Handy Cat with a relaxed Skipper

Felix, Capt'ns Lindi and Davy

Falling wind

Searching for the wind, which never did return

Beautiful Sharpie headed to NJ

Light air sailing

Checking for the wind direction, what wind?

CB relaxing

A little wind at the start



Usual Suspects

Lindi and Davey
Happy Cats
Blowing of the Conch at Sunset
Handy Cat and her Skipper before the wind layed down
A Nonesuch joins the action



  1. Wow. Beautiful pics of wonderful sailing, good friends, and great times. Or put those adjectives in any order that suits you. 79 participants - I wish I we had so many to share our love of sailing with in these parts.

    Thanks for the lovely pics Sandscraper.

    1. If you and K ever get the chance to come to the Keys, look me up, I would love to host a couple of great sails on the Florida Bay.