Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Time Has Come

Packing Up

After one of the best fishing days of the winter, it is time to pack up and head back to NJ for the summer. Both boats, the Catboat and the Flats boat are out of the water and safely tucked away for the summer at a friends house. Today all my fishing gear and items that I don't truck home with me will also be stored at my friends house, he allots me one room in his house to store such items. It is a great convenience to have this privilege. Thank you Roland Barth.

I head out on Thursday and will remain in NJ for several months, then it will be the return to the Keys for what I hope is another winter. So, until I get back to NJ and start some much needed motorcycling, yard work and other projects, this will be my last post for a short time.
Ready to get back to The Beyond.

Until next October


  1. Still got that whisker pole, Charley? :)

    1. It's residing in a corner of my garage, hasn't seen daylight for six months. These past two days are the first in six months that I have not awakened to water in my backyard or been on the water sailing or fishing. ;)