Thursday, July 8, 2010

Silent maid...AKA: Maid

After reading Russ Manheimer's blog about the "Silent Maid" at the Wooden Boat Show, my memory was jogged. I thought back to a time, in 1983, when Stan Grayson made a visit to Mike Lee's*, to sail on and take pictures of the Silent Maid for his upcoming book, Catboats. All of the following pictures and text are from Stan Grayson's book, Catboats. I do this because of the immense interest in the scheduled races between Kathleen, New England built and Silent Maid, built here in NJ.  The first scheduled race is this weekend, July 10-11 at the Wickford, Ri. Rendezvous and could prove interesting. Question: does anyone know when the "Silent Maid" came to be known as  "Maid"? Look at my last post for the answer!

* Mike Lee owned a piece of property adjacent to Beaton Boat Works, at the foot of Beaton Road. Mike's, as it was called, was home to the Silent maid, my Sandscraper, Marie Darling's Marshall and a few other vintage sail boats including the Vim. Sandscraper was a 1947  Ray Hunt double ender, you can see her a few entries down from here.

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