Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bass Fishing, A Change Of Pace In The Keys

Wind Blown For Many Days Now, Time To Change up The Target Species
The wind has been blowing 10 -15, 15 -20 for the last week or so and although it's good for sailing, it is not conducive to Back Country fishing. Well, since I have been sailing quite often recently, a friend of mine and me  decided that if we want to fish, we would have to change the type of fish being targeted and the location in which we normally fish. After speaking with my friend, we decided to hit the Mainland and do some Bass fishing, freshwater and out of the wind. We did quite well on the Bass, catching several, we even had a few shots at Peacock Bass but apparently did not have the preferred bait or lures. In addition to the Bass we caught a few Oscar's, you know, the type sold in pet stores for people's aquariums.
As usual, photos will follow, BTW all fish caught were released unharmed.
Nice little Bass on light tackle

You can see  why they call them Large Mouth



  1. As opposed to the "small mouth soprano" I suppose. ;)

    1. You should have seen the plumage on the Peacock Bass we missed. ;0