Tuesday, April 2, 2013

PERMIT me to cry...

Stalking a Permit
After stalking one of the prime game fish of Florida for ten minutes, a well placed cast tempted a Permit to go for my live crab bait. Wham, ten seconds later, the fish ripped off about one hundred yards of line, it was at this moment that I broke one of the golden rules of fishing with light tackle, I palmed the reel spool. What is palming the reel spool, it is putting your palm around the spool to try and effectively help tighten the drag. Bad idea, I should have let the drag do what it does best, control the rate of line coming off the spool. With the correct tension a good reel drag setup will provide just the right amount of tension to the line and then to the fish. Palming the reel and pop goes the line! My minute of heart pounding fun was over in a flash, as quickly as it began. That's why they call it fishing and not catching.


  1. Sorry, you have to be here to get it. Do you have your plane reservations? No, why not?

  2. Ah well, it was a worse day for the bait crab and a better day for the fish. So it all balances out in the grand scheme of things. ;)

  3. Alas, that poor Crab, I knew him well. Your Lido looks in good shape after your winter lay up, hope you are able to get out next week end. BTW, you are looking quite svelte, good work.