Monday, June 21, 2010

A diamond in the rough!

When I first stumbled on Sandscraper she was at a mooring on the Tom's River, Stump Creek Slipways. After some initial inspection, I had my friend and boat surveyor, Paul Smith do a more extensive survey. Paul found her to be sound and the deal was done. Although she looked in a state of disrepair most of the problem was cosmetic.  After a winter of hard work this is how she looked from Beaton's old rigging ladder. She was one of the fastest and most comfortable boats that I have ever had the pleasure of sailing. I would love to find one of her sister ships but alas, I think that they have all gone to an early grave. There is one , however, on the Chesapeake, I think, called the Mud Hen that may still be sailing. If anyone ever has information regarding this boat, please contact me.

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