Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Captain Keysmon catches a Tarpon

Tarpon netted 

Keysmon with his catch

Mangrove Snappers, mmmmmmm good eating!

Our transportation for the evening
Last night three intrepid fishermen left the dock at 7:30PM to look for and catch Snook, Tarpon or whatever species would jump onto our hooks. Initially we caught some rather large Mangrove Snappers, then after a couple moves, Keysmon hooked into a Tarpon which he fought and landed. For my efforts all I could manage was one hookup with a mystery fish that hastily made for the mangroves and got my line entangled. Snap, that was the sound of my line parting company with my pole.

We fished through the darkness, managed to catch some more Snappers and each others line a couple of times, by 10:30 we were all ready to head home.

My host for the evening was a new acquaintance whose name is Glenn, hails from New Bedford, Mass. Like me, Glenn and his wife come down to the Keys to escape the winter months up North. We fished out of his very nice Key West boat, that was very comfortable and roomy enough to accommodate three anglers. Many thanks to Glenn for including me on this outing, thanks also to Keysmon for the introduction.
Here are a few pictures of the evenings activity:


  1. I'm starting to realize that you like fish, Charley!

  2. Especially the large variety of fresh that are found here in the Keys. Kew West Pink Shrimp, Mahi Mahi,Yellowtail Snapper, Hog Fish, Spotted Trout, Stone Crab Claws...Spiny Lobster - so so, and the fresh Tuna... all good! Not to mention the sailing grounds!