Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nest Key Revisited...East Wind 10 - 15 Light To Moderate Chop

Today Roland and I left our harbor, Hammer Point, for a sail out to Nest Key. Nest Key is one of the hundreds of Keys in the Everglades National Park and just one of  a few Keys on which you can actually land. It is also approved for camping, however, no pets allowed, it is a rookery after all.

The plan was to sail out to Nest Key where we would meet up with another Catboat owner sailing in his boat, Felix. We arrived at one o'clock as planned and were met by David who arrived about twenty minutes earlier.

After anchoring close to shore we all met for lunch and a cold drink, compared notes on the sail out and swapped projects that we have all completed on our boats.

Heading out to Nest Key

That's not spaghetti

East Wind 10 - 15

Easing into Nest Key Beach
Davy is already there

Roland and Ibis

Picture perfect




Heading home

This time of the year an awning is nice
David is from West Va., Roland is from Maine and I am from NEW Jersey (for you Baydog). As this was going to be one of our last few sails before heading back to our respective homes for the summer, we were all pleased to have had the day together in the very best of conditions. After bidding Davy goodbye, Roland and I headed out on our own  toward Hammer Point. Earlier we considered taking out our reef for the trip home, after rounding the protective point of Nest Key we soon realized that we were smart to have waited until we got into the exposed bay. I have included some pictures of our day, hope that you can get a feeling what the day was like. Click on any picture to enlarge.

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