Monday, April 11, 2011

My Other Boat Is A Sailboat

Although I trail the Catboat back and forth to NJ each year, I do have another boat that I sail. This boat, as my Catboat, is of 1969 vintage, it is a Tartan 27 and affords me more comfort while sailing the Barnegat Bay. Small creature comforts, like standing headroom, a galley and a head are nice for a change. This boat did not see the water last year, however, this year things might be different, I hope.

Behold, my palace on the water
I hear from Paul Smith that the temperatures are up in NJ, I'll wait a little longer to make sure that this is not a short heat wave just to entice me back earlier. I was fooled two years ago, never again.

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  1. Hey there, I purchased my old T-27 in Toms River. Are you in the Keys now? My family still lives in Brigantine. I sail my "Moose" out of Nashville, TN. Great Blog!