Friday, March 11, 2011

Calm Before The Storm...And Fish Too

My niece's husband Scott and his friend Rob flew in for a weekend of fishing and some fun in the Keys sun, with a windy forecast for Friday and some of Saturday, we wasted no time in getting out to the Back Country for some Trout Fishing.

After purchasing two Florida fishing licences over the phone, gassing up the boat and choosing which rods to take, we headed out. It did not take very long before we ran into some nice Sea Trout that all were fortunate to catch. Looking over my shoulder every so often, I kept a watchful eye on the weather; there was a NW front predicted to arrive around 6:00 PM. When the North Westerlies come they bring high winds and waves to the Florida Bay and they arrive with vigor.

Rob's first Sea Trout on the Fl Bay
Scott and one of his Trout
Small Grouper that went back
Dinner, the arm is just to show relative size of the fish, we are not going to eat it.
Sunset at the end of their first day
After one last stop at one of my favorite fishing spots, we managed to put some more fish in the cooler. One more look over my shoulder and I knew it was time to head back to the dock, pronto. We arrived back at the dock a half an hour before all hell broke loose, wind, rain and the waves that I have come to know so well, here in the Keys, when NW's arrive.

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