Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back Country For Some Friends

Roland and his wife Barbara are no strangers to the Back Country, they have been exploring and enjoying it for many years while sailing their Catboat, IBIS.  Roland, by the way Roland sailed his 17' Catboat to Massachusetts from Key Largo to celebrate his seventieth birthday.

However, yesterday Roland and Barbara experienced the Bay in a completly different light, I took them Out Back for a fishing trip. The weather man had called for very light and variable winds that were supposed to leave the Bay in a calm condition, as usual, that did not transpire. Early in the morning it was quite evident that the wind was coming out of the SW about 10- 12 Kts., the Bay was already starting to show signs of a medium chop and would mean that our run out to the proposed fishing grounds would be a little bumpier than originally anticipated.

After trying some of my favorite spots, without much luck, I decided to make a move to a location where I was quite sure we were going to find fish. Shortly after arriving ant the new location Roland hooked up with a Sea Trout, unfortunatly, some Barracuda decided that my jig heads were better suited for Davy Jones' locker than on the end of my fishing line. We lost three lures within minutes, off we went to find another area where we might have better luck.

Barbara and some of her catch of Spanish Mackerel

This was Barbara's first experience with a spinning rod

Barbara caught all these Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel

Roland and Barbara display the fruits of their effort

A nice Jack, it gave Barbara a good fight on the light tackle

Jack be nimble

Fighting the fish

The above pictures show that persistence pays off in the end, we had a nice catch of Mackerel and Sea Trout with a few Jacks thrown in for good measure.

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