Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well we finally ironed out the problems with the cell phone to computer glitch. This was my first Sailfish in the Keys, I have been waiting for several years to catch a fish like this on light tackle, 25# test line on medium weight spinning rod.

We were trolling with live Ballyhoo most of the afternoon when this fish struck the bait and after waiting the prescribed 5 seconds of runoff, I set the hook. Immediately I thought that my hook had snagged a coral head, my line was taught and I felt no movement; then a very slight jerking motion that was still immovable. More time passed, several minutes in fact, should I cut the there a fish on after all???? Soon the fight, that would last the better part of an hour, was on! Typically green (just hooked) Sailfish jump and contort to shake the hook, not this fish, it stayed deep until the last 15 minutes then surfaced. Then and only then were we sure that it was a Sailfish.

Having caught the Sailfish off of Molasses reef I was not worried that the fish was going to entangle in some dive boat or a dive boat buoy, the fish, however, had different ideas. It was not long after I hooked the Sailfish that I realized that it was headed to the reef and a myriad of dive boats. Tony, seeing what was about to unfold backed down hard on the beast in an effort to allow me to recover some of the line that was lost during the initial run. Having done that allowed me to finally land the fish, take a quick F..... up picture and get it back in the water to insure it's survival chances.

Wish we had better pictures, you just have to use your imaginations and trust me that the whole experience was awesome!
My first Sailfish aboard Triple Diamond

The hor long fight is on

Takes two to handle a whopper

Happy Angler!

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