Sunday, February 13, 2011

BEER CELLAR! Just Like Wine You Have To Have The Correct Beer To Pair With Meals

My current selection of beers
From left to right Guiness Extra Stout, since 1759 a  robust beer that is enjoyed at any time of the day and that will stand up to a great burger, ribs or lamb. Next, Vinyl, from South Burlington, Vt. This beer is 5.1% and is called a "Spring Seasonal" brew, a Lager. The Hefeweizen! Next, Demo, 6%, "Limited IPA On Tour".Next, Fish Tale ORGANIC India Pale Ale, 6.5%, Ingredients: water,organic barley and Hops. Truly a great IPA. And last of all Flying Dog "Raging Bitch" IPA, considered one of the bes India  Pale Ales in the country. In the back there is a few beers from Mexico and a Samuel Adams Cream Stout.  Oh, I forgot about the 9 abeer called "Not Quite Pale Ale", it has a slight hint of orange along with some of the characteristics of a Pale Ale. All are great and when served with seafood, meat or poultry, you can't beat the combination.

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