Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John From Tenn., A Fishing Machine!

Today was going to be too light for a good sail, so I decided to take John, my neighbor from Tenn. out on a Back Country fishing expedition. He packed the lunch and some beer, water and chips, while I prepared all of the necessary fishing tackle, gased up the boat and made sure that we had all the required equipment to have a successful trip. John, as I expected, showed up promptly at the designated time, and we were off.

All of these fish were caught on light tackle, 7' Med-Lite rods and Power Pro braided line, all artificial bait. The light tackle and the natue of the species of fish caught provided us with some great action.

John with a nice Crevalle Jack, they seemed to get larger and larger as the day went on.

Joh's Lizzard fish, Paul call this the seagoing Gecko.

A nice Lady fish, called the poor man's tarpon, some of the one's we caught today weighed in excess of two and a half pounds.

Action all day long, Lady fish, Crevalle Jacks, Pompano, and even several sharks that we hooked as they stole our catch.

Me, with a nice Jack
We stopped at a few of the places where I have caught fish in the past but they proved to be fishless. After a couple more stops, it was off to the Klondike, were it seems, there is always some sort of fish willing to bend your pole and provide you with some excitement. Bingo! The rest is history and the pictures and the video will help to explain the day.

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