Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nest Key Adventure, Sail and Lunch

A toast to the god's of Florida Bay

Hip, hip, horray

Enjoy the snow NJ....HaHaHA!

Boy's day out on the water, Tony, Paul and me...Charley sailing to Nest Key

Paul and Tony enjoying the sail out to Nest Key

Tony with a well placed Guiness

Ah yeh, it does not get any better than this!

Seamless wake of LEE MARIE

Tony contemplating taking a PISS
Today, Tony Santomauro, Paul Smith and I met Roland Barth off Hammer Point for a sail and lunch at Nest Key. We came together at 12:00 to begin our sail out to Nest Key, the wind was SE at about 10 Kts, perfect for our designated course. After arriving at Nest Key we anchored, swam and feasted  on Chad's sandwiches and beer. The pictures tell the story, enjoy my friends at play. Because Paul did a fair amount of work on Ibis, preparing her for Roland after he bought her, Paul sailed back with Roland. Ibis used to sail out of Bay Head, she was owned by Corbin Dey (BH-7)

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