Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Chance Encounter

Since  this was Paul's last day, we decided to go fishing one more time. I invited one of my other friends, Tony, to go but he declined, he went to the ocean side with his close friend Eddie from NJ. Anyway, after an inauspicious start which produced no fish for the freezer went set out for home.

Roland hoisting a beer to a good day

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IBIS, tucked in nicely behind East Key

Brendan begged us to take him aboard, we refused, it is any ones guess what happened to him
Along the way I spied Roland, who was supposed to be sailing off shore today, tucked n behind East Key, having lunch with his sailing guest Brendan. As it turns out, Roland and Brendan were planning to sail ocean side for a couple days, however, the weather did not cooperate and after some anxious hours at sea, they sailed back to the comfort of Florida Bay. Here are the pictures of them tucked in nicely behind East Key enjoying a beer and lunch.

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